Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ramping & Roaring Wine Tips

Apparently the new thing is for middle class websites to give wine tips. Even XOJane is doing it and they're like left wing feminists and everything.

Anyway tonight's wine tip.

Chateau Haut Branda Bordeaux 2010.

It was 13.5% at 6.99 which gives you a booze value of 1.93*. Highly respectable. And at 1/3 off at Waitrose and a very nice looking bottle you won't be embarrassed at dinner parties. The French house and gargoyle almost look classy. I had it with a delicious curry so I couldn't taste a thing.

Marvellous. Feel slightly merry and sleepy - going to bed.

* divide percentage by pounds for value per booziness. It probably needs a L'oreal beauty-product style word like "ethanide co-efficient". Smart.

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