Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advent Anthems: 7

Today's Anthem has something for all the family. Jon and Cindy with their personalised stockings cut a very fine couple. And the poignant lyrics pay homage to the dangers of being too caught up in a relationship: "My baby's gone, I have no friends". The guitar seems to hum "justice" in the background. And then there is the inspired rhyming of "relations" with "salutations". All in all a work of poetry that avoids all trace of festive-cliche. A masterpiece of Christmalia and all in just over 2 minutes.

And Cindy Crawford. So hot right now. Right now and always.


  1. Here's a thought; if they had had a baby when this was released, he/she would be legal by now.

  2. WOW. SUPER-BABY. With her pout and his guns it would be president by now.

  3. Or even her guns and his pout. Sexiest offspring ever.


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