Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Celebrate Natural Beauty!

Dear Dominic Mohan,

I love youth and freshness.

And if I knew what it was, in a world of photoshop and make-up and very good lighting, I'd probably love Natural Beauty too.

And in a difficult financial climate, where we're all a bit depressed and wondering what it means to be British, an 'innocuous British institution' might be the thing to help us realise we're all in it together.*

So please can we start having pictures of half naked, natural, young, fresh, British men on Page 3 as well? David Beckham might be a good start, although sadly he isn't 16.

That would be delightful.

Warm wishes,


* fresh, young, natural, British? Sounds like a locally-sourced yoghurt.


  1. Becks would be ideal page 3 material. He probably also really just wants there to be world peace and to sit by the fire knitting. (Naked.)

  2. Like Madonna, whose superbowl performance had a song about blowjobs followed by hundreds of lights declaring "World Peace".


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