Monday, 6 February 2012

She's sexy and she knows it.

Look at that body... she works out:

Post-nipplegate, Pop has returned to the Superbowl, and Madonna to our hearts.

New song Give Me All Your Luvin' sounds quite good, the inclusion of Nicki Minaj (so hot) and M.I.A. (who has now instigated middle-finger-gate) telling us something about hip hop/R&B's ongoing fascination with Euro pop.* If Madonna's doing it, it's probably nearly jumped the shark.**

Anyway, so much amazing nostalgia! Cee-Lo and Madge doing Like A Prayer at the end is a particular highlight. And the voguing. In fact the whole thing is brilliant. Watch it.

(And if you've never seen a room full of drunk ordinands dancing to Like A Prayer, you've never seen anything.)

* There's loads of William Orbit production on the new album, too.
** Her last album (which is pretty good) used tons of Pharrell Williams, about a hundred years after the Neptunes had been cool.

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